Yearbook is a self-funded, yearly account of student life at Niagara.  Niagara’s yearbook is worked upon throughout the school year and encompasses student life ranging from sporting events, organizations, graduation, class pictures and all extracurricular activities. The yearbook is sent off to the publishers in July.  It takes several weeks for the book to be published and is ready for distribution in late August to early September. 
The cost to produce the yearbook is $2700 a year (with increases each year), with a minimum order of 50 yearbooks.  To help defray the cost to students, the yearbook staff sends out ad forms to area business.  Ad pricing range from $50 to $120.  We are very thankful to our local businesses; without them the yearbook would cost students $54.  Over the years the yearbook staff has also counted on the sale of Niagara Badger and Predator clothing to help offset the cost too.  
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  • 700 Jefferson Ave, Niagara, WI 54151
  • Phone: 715-251-4541 | Fax: 715-251-4544