Association of Student Artists
ASA (Association of Student Artists) is a non-profit organization including 6 schools/2 states, Niagara, Pembine, Iron Mountain, Kingsford, North Dickinson, and Norway. This organization was formed in 1992. The purpose of ASA is to recognize creative excellence in students from the area school art programs. Among the activities supported by ASA is a monthly competition held in each school with a winning student selected as Artist-of-the-Month.

The winners from each school, along with their teachers are honored at a Chippewa Club luncheon and their work is displayed at one of the local credit unions or banks for a month. At this event, a guest local artist performs a workshop involving the six students. Our organization also sponsors a portfolio evaluation night which emphasizes art curricula with representatives from various art schools and colleges to prepares students for college entrance. Scholarships are awarded through this event. The culminating activity of the school year is the recognition banquet and exhibit.

Our mission is to promote, encourage and validate the study of art and the creative process for students.
  • School District of Niagara
  • 700 Jefferson Ave, Niagara, WI 54151
  • Phone: 715-251-4541 | Fax: 715-251-4544